Things The Dog Haters Say

If you are like me you like dogs, all kinds of dogs. The most misunderstood breeds out there sadly, are the bully breeds. They wouldn’t be if it wasn’t from the dog-hating cults of, Daxton’s Friends, and Peta. It is because they keep the momentum going that thousands of these dogs are killed in shelters every year. The actual count of just pit bull breeds euthanized in shelters is somewhere between 1.2- 2.2 million a year. It needs to stop. A lot of it is caused by bad people telling bad lies about these really neat dogs. The other problem is the people who actually believe the insanity behind the lies. For me, I have a hard time knowing there are insane people out there that want to kill my dogs. They have never done anything but loving and just silly with everyone they have ever met. Most dogs are just the same, yet they still want to euthanize, poison, shoot, cut, stab, gut, and hurt my dogs. I cannot sit by and let their behavior continue to go on without voicing my opinion and doing something about it. For more than a decade I have fought the good fight for mine, and our dogs. They will not win this fight. They try to get BSL passed everywhere and to their one we ten get repealed. I put this paragraph here because I want to share some screenshots. A lot of screenshots, so you out there can see

what is really going on and get behind your voice being heard as well. 


Still think your Labrador Retriever is safe? Think again!

Just sad

Everything Worth Knowing...

I recently released this picture of our Niki. Niki is an  “SS” (significantly similar) dog if you believe our local SPCA, who informed me five years ago that they felt she was a “pit bull” and as such was subject to BSL. Niki weighs in at 108 lbs. currently. Yes, before you all start screaming at me I KNOW she is overweight we are working on it and to date she has lost four pounds. However Niki’s weight is not what I wish to speak about today.

When BSL was introduced in Ontario in August of 2005, I did not worry for my dogs. After all none of them were “pit bulls”, so we weren’t affected directly by this heinous legislation. Our dogs were safe, or so we thought. But that was back when we didn’t really know what BSL would mean for Ontario dog owners. We could not have…

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